Want to know where one of the most beautiful spots in the UK is located? Read on and find out!

After the gig in The Strands Inn, Red Kite and I went back to the Talbot Compass and slept like a couple of kittens in those old Christmas cards that grandparents are so fond of giving.

The night past, like so many before, in deepest sleep; and the morning brought with it, as they frequently do, consciousness and a new day.

And what, my dear hearts, were Red kite and I going to do today? I’ll tell you.

The Destination

We were headed to the beautiful Wastwater lake to do some cool things like drone photography and walking around looking wistful.

The initial plan was to get up super early and get there for the sunrise, however when I looked out of the window I saw that it was raining and fully overcast so it was better to have a lie in. Big mistake!

The weather in the lakes is more capricious than a Friday night tinder date! No sooner had it started raining it had already finished and brightened right up, meaning we missed a lovely sunrise… curses!

By the way, if you do ever need somewhere to wander around looking wistful, I can think of few better places to do it than Wastwater. They should have named it Wistwater because It’s the very definition of majestic! With sweeping vistas of rugged farmland set at the foot of the UK’s highest peak, Scafell Pike.

Five minutes beside the banks of this bonnie lake and you’ll be squinting off into the distance with a faded smile and the whisper of a tear in your eye. If you had bagpipes on you, you’d probably be playing them; and as the camera pulls back, we see that you’re straddled atop a stout elk, and the great beast has a pipe in his mouth and a cockeyed grin.

The elk winks and you realise just then and there, as you view yourself in third person, that everything is going to be just fine.

We had no bagpipes and there were no elk, so we had to make do with the next best thing, the Talbot Compass Drifter. And doesn’t she look pretty perched by the banks! This was Red Kite Drone’s time to shine and boy did he get some nice shots. The aim was to capture some lovely scenic panoramas for filler in the youtube videos, we definitely managed this.

Wastwater is the deepest of the lakes with a depth of 79m, apparently there is a gnome garden in one of the deeper spots that you can dive to! It’s also one of the more remote of the lakes and when here, you get a real sense of being far away from civilisation. It’s difficult not to be swept up by the beauty of the place and we left feeling reinvigorated. Well, we didn’t quite leave, instead we headed to the lovely Wasdale Head Inn for a cup of tea and a debrief.

Everyone loves a debrief.