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Wastwater  Want to know where one of the most beautiful spots in the UK is located? Read on and find out! After the gig in The Strands Inn, Red Kite and I went back to the Talbot Compass and slept like a couple of kittens in those old Christmas cards that grandparents...

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The Road To Neather Wasdale | Day 2

The Road To Nether Wasdale | Day 2   Sometimes you’ve got to be tough on yourself! That’s life and well, it ain’t always gonna be easy so you’ve got to roll with the punches and make sure you hit back twice as hard! “Wow Tom! With an opening statement like that...

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Tour Of the Lakes | Day 1

Tour of The Lakes | Day 1   Let’s cruise into day one. “What happened on day one, Tom?”, I hear you ask, itchy fingers on the keyboard about to let fly a strongly worded email, wreaking havoc and devastating my morning ritual of scrupulously avoiding strongly...

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Getting to know the van

Getting to know the van   Let me take a minute to talk about the motorhome, and my initial thoughts about it after a few days of "van life". She doesn’t have a name yet; nor may she ever. I think perhaps we're both better off this way. Built in the early 90’s,...

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Prepare to Fail

Prepare to Fail   That’s what happens when you fail to prepare. Now, I’m not saying that I didn’t prepare for the trip at all, just that my preparations were poor enough to make me still effectively unprepared when it was finally time to set off. Lessons have...

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