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Everybody’s Talkin’ | Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Everybody's Talkin' | Fingerstyle Guitar LessonBecome a guitar expert! Learn how to REALLY play Everybody's Talkin' as performed by Harry Neilson (Written by Fred Neil), and I mean REALLY (with a capital all of them). Ever find yourself waking up in the night with the...

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The Feeding Hand Official Video

Tom Hannay | The Feeding Hand | Official VideoThe official video for The Feeding Hand In this episode I've levelled up my editing so expect much quicker cuts and things like that. Subscribe to my Instagram channel. Visit Red Kite Drones Watch more from the director...

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My First Day On The Road | Episode 1

My First Day On The Road - Episode 1How did you find this video? Because you've just stumbled across the genesis of something beautiful. Come in, sit down, put your feet up and join me in the Lake District. This is my first On-the-road Vlog and I hope you enjoy it....

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Live In The Van | Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark by Bruce SpringsteenI Play a cover of Bruce Springsteen's classic hit Dancing In The Dark, from the Van. I bet loads of you haven't really listened to the lyrics of this song, or if you have it was only so you could scream along to them in the car!...

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Live By The Fire | Sugarcoating The Truth

Sugarcoating The Truth by Tom HannayHere is an acoustic version of my song 'Sugarcoating The Truth,' recorded by the fireside while on the road in the Lake District. I am a musician who is traveling around in my motorhome and playing music, trying to live his best...

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Live By The Fire | Lonely

Lonely by Tom HannayA beautiful song about being lonely, called Lonely and originally uploaded on Valentines Day. Wait for the lyrics at the end. I'll be posting content directly to Patreon so subscribers will get extra content and goodies as my way of saying thanks....

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Lonely – By Tom Hannay

Lonely by Tom HannayLonely - By Tom Hannay is available now!   This is the studio recording of Tom Hannay's Lonely. Produced by Tom Hannay Guitar/Vocals - Tom Hannay Bass - Alex Crosby Drums - Richard Warlow Subscribe on Spotify: This is...

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