Lonely by Tom Hannay

A beautiful song about being lonely, called Lonely and originally uploaded on Valentines Day. Wait for the lyrics at the end.

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I recorded this in the Queens Arms in Biggar Village while the van was being repaired. The fire had an almost hypnotic affect and inspired me to record some videos like this one.

This might be the nicest song I’ve written so far, this was initially intended as a Christmas song, however, the lyrics didn’t feel right and I couldn’t get anything to fit… Until I changed the subject.

I hope you enjoy.

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I’m lonely as a cat in the doghouse

I’m lonely as the moon

And the day’s that i’m loneliest

Are the days that i realise that i’m alone

Since the day you said goodbye

Lonely as the snow falls heavy

Yea i’ve filled my cup

But they’re only libations for

Those not here

And there’s a river still to pour till they get home

So i sleep

Oh, and the walls are closing in

I believe that it’s happening again

I’ve blessed with almost everything

Except you

I’m lonely

Cry me a river

And I’ll show you reflections of your face

I’m amazed you can stand it

And you should know I want nothing more

Than to be alone