The Road Calls

After a decade of honing his musical style, the singer-songwriter-guitarist Tom Hannay has emerged fresher than ever. The Fire Waits is Hannay’s latest offering of musical and lyrical genius, a smooth mix of alternative country and smokey blues.

Intent on reaching audiences in the most organic way possible, Tom was inspired by the music video for his song The Feeding Hand to go on the road and share his songs throughout Europe in true, gritty, old-school fashion.

Armed with his motorhome, guitar, and camera, Hannay is singing, blogging and vlogging his way across the country, bringing his silky, rough-edged sound and thought-provoking lyrics to crowds who may otherwise never get to experience it live.

Tom’s energy reflects his love for and deep connection to the music, and can be felt intensely throughout his songs. His second love, boxing, is reflected in his determination, grit, and constant motion, and it’s these characteristics that bring a rocky streak to his otherwise velvet music.

Musician, songwriter, boxer, and nomad, everything about Tom Hannay speaks of passion, purpose, and following your heart. Or, in his case, your art.

 It is said that life imitates art. In the life of Tom Hannay, the two are one and the same.